Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRGorg) was started in 2015 to mount a legal challenge to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of the “Algonquin” Pipeline Expansion (AIM Pipeline). SEnRGorg was cofounded by Peekskill residents Nancy Vann and Courtney M. Williams.

Ultimately our legal challenge failed and the AIM Pipeline was built 105 feet from critical safety infrastructure at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. However, the fight continues.

SEnRGorg is continuing its work to ensure no community is harmed by energy infrastructure. That includes proper decommissioning of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, safe storage of the irradiated spent fuel stored there, and the protection of the environment and communities surrounding the plant.

We also work on issues of national importance including supporting communities fighting interim storage of high level nuclear waste in environmental justice communities in the southwest.

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